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Children Ages 4-9



Hello! My name is Jordan Wilson and I am a Resident in Counseling working with children and teens ages 8+, as well as young adults. I grew up in a family of five in King, North Carolina and moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana for my adolescent years. I’ve had nine years of experience working with adolescents and in 2019 I received my MEd in Counselor Education at the University of Virginia. For two years, I worked as a school counselor for middle school students in Greene County, and am familiar with the ups and downs of adolescence, especially in this community. In my free time you can find me playing with my dogs Gretzky and Princess Buttercup, hiking with my partner, thrifting, playing cozy video games, painting, or sharing my “self-proclaimed expert” foodie opinions to anyone who will listen :) 

I work empathetically and collaboratively with those wanting to learn more about themselves, gain insight into their thinking patterns and behavior, and to build their own confidence. I work with folks to help them get in touch with their story—to help empower the ability to tell it, to share it, or to change it. If you have found yourself or your child lost, anxious, devastated, or angry, together we can connect to a sense of meaning and create a tailored therapeutic experience. 

I specialize in an integrative and strength-based approach, looking at the ways in which resilience has shown up in the face of obstacles in life. I also spend a large part of therapy deconstructing the ways in which societal systems impact our mental health and processing traumatic experiences. For my younger clients, I work with parents and families to help you create a safe environment for your child to express themselves and build/strengthen your relationship. 

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While my integrative approach is based on best-fit, here are the following therapy modalities I borrow from the most: Humanistic, narrative, acceptance and commitment, internal family systems, multicultural/feminist, trauma-focused, existential, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, mindfulness, and play and art-based techniques. 


I’d love to get to know YOUR story—not the story society tells about you, not the story others have told you about yourself, but the story and meaning YOU make about you. I’m here to help build the confidence and empowerment you are worthy of. Because YOU matter—you always have, and always will. 


My clinical supervisor is Tabitha Woodson, LPC, who can be reached at 434-990-1744.

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I am also a strong believer in the power of play, art, and expressive therapies. You don’t need to be Picasso to reap the therapeutic and healing benefits from creative interventions. We can engage all of the senses and the mind differently through art and

expressive techniques. Ultimately, I want to work with you to determine the best approach for you towards healing, coping, and achieving your goals.


Life has many ebbs and flows, during flows life may feel easy and fulfilling. However, when life ebbs we are struggling against the current. I hope to walk with you through the ebbs and flows to remind you of your strength and hope.


My clinical supervisor is Tabitha Woodson, LPC, who can be reached at 434-990-1744.

Emma Dulin


I was born and raised in Virginia, and it is truly home to me. I have two sweet dogs, Mochi and Marzi. In our free time, my partner and I love hiking with our dogs and trying different restaurants.


I value the role that nature, and especially bodies of water can have in healing and grounding, as it plays a huge role in my life.


​I earned a BA in Psychology at the College of William and Mary. While living in Williamsburg, I worked at a youth and family services counseling center for three years, where I implemented

mental health prevention programs in local community centers and schools.


I earned a MEd and EdS in School Counseling, while taking the additional requirements for Clinical Counseling. During my graduate program, I worked with children and adolescents ranging from ages 5 to 18. I am aware of the unique challenges children and adolescents are facing now. I provide a safe and engaging space for growth and self-exploration.

I have experience working with individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, anger, interpersonal relationships, as well as multicultural and LGBTQ+ identity exploration. As a counselor, I am person-centered and some of my most widely used techniques are solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral, and narrative therapy. I believe in the power of owning and reauthoring your story to construct your own meaning of life. My hope for you is to recognize events that may stir up negative feelings and learn to ride the wave of emotions to make sense of feelings and not let them control your actions. The meaning we give to events shape our experience and our thoughts hold power, so, sometimes we need support to change unhelpful thought patterns.

Through closely collaborating with clients, my aim is to identify and achieve realistic goals that contribute to their overall healing journey.


My clinical supervisor is Tiffani Ashland, LCSW, who can be reached at 434-990-1744.

Emily Currier

Supervisee in Social Work, MSW

C​reativity and a passion for nature were fundamental in my upbringing as a native Virginian. I attended Emory University in Atlanta and received my BA in Anthropology and Creative Writing. After roughly a decade spent pursuing a wide variety of interests and positions, I enrolled in Virginia Commonwealth University’s Master of Social Work graduate program because of my interest in social justice and creating equitable access to mental health resources.


For my clinical field placement, I worked with children and adolescents from 5 to 18 years old and discovered a love for play and art therapies. I believe art and creativity to be therapeutic for people of all ages, unlocking feelings and memories that people may otherwise struggle to verbalize. Along with a strengths-based perspective, I strive to create a supportive environment in which clients feel comfortable expressing themselves.


I admire the courage and resilience it takes to seek help when you are unwell, suffering, or feeling out-of-sorts. I am committed to celebrating client’s strengths and triumphs as well as acknowledging and working through their hard days and challenges.

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